As Chase UR Dream evolves, the idea that limits are never barriers when you Chase UR Dream remains a constant. In order to create innovative ways to serve the amputee community all while building upon Chase UR Dream; co-founder, Chisa Merriweather, participated in the 2019 Executive Program for Social Innovation Design at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design. Various projects during the cohort led to the discovery of the need for something better for pediatric amputees. These needs emerged after conducting a survey and interviews of several guardians of amputee/limb different children. It was unanimous that finding information was difficult and resources were severely lacking. Word of mouth and internet searches, also referred to as rabbit holes, were mentioned as the most common ways of obtaining information for activites, adaptive equipment and grants.

Chase UR Dream is working to close this gap by becoming a central hub for guardians to find information and resources that will be helpful in assisting families transition to their new normal. Professional staffers, Jamie Brandford, PT provides insight into what to expect after completing rehabilitation, tips for adaptive equipment, types of prosthesis and Idalis Kizee, Vice Principal, explains needed accomodations within schools (504/IEP) are among some of the topics that are outlined.

Each year Chase UR Dream’s network grows with the support of those working towards the common goal of supporting and motivating families of children coping with limb loss. Events, social media and the website highlight the strength and perseverance of the amputee/limb different community. Above all, connects families to the resources essential to continuing their child’s story. 



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