Our Story

In October 2013, Chisa and Chad Merriweather’s then 3 year old son, Chase, was stricken with a near deadly strand of the flu. It quickly led to sepsis, brain surgery, and ultimately the amputation of both his feet and hands. As Chase continued to fight for his life, the inspiration behind Chase UR Dream was sparked by an overwhelming amount of local support in the form of wristbands, a superhero book, social media page, and more... These initiatives, led by Bonnie Sobieralski, Ebony Lancaster, and Nicole Santosusso provided a tremendous amount of motivation and encouragement throughtout Chase’s recovery. 

The amazing support the family received inspired the Merriweather’s to develope a away to pay it foward. Chase UR Dream was created. Their ideas of never allowing Chase to lose his drive to succeed, and that limits are never imposed on his true potential are echoed throughout the work of Chase UR Dream. 

The Merriweather family understands how quickly life can change. Not knowing how your new life will look like could be scary. An ally is what a family needs during these times. Just as the community rallied behind the Merriweather’s, Chase UR Dream aims to support famiies of children who’ve experienced limb loss with the resources they need to contiune to dream big!

Don’t stop dreaming because you had a nightmare.



Chase is one of the strongest, funniest and sweetest kids you will ever meet. He enjoys dancing, playing video games, baseball, soccer, football, but most of all trying to keep up with his big brother CJ. His spirit and laugh are infectious to all who know him. 

After being stricken with a near deadly strand of the flu in 2013, Chase loss his hands and feet but it has not slowed Chase down one bit! And what’s a super hero without a sidekick? CJ, his older brother, plays a major role in encouraging Chase to attempt new challenges and problem solve when he may be struggling. While Chase has been through a lot in a relatively short time, his determination and fighting spirit won’t stop him from challenging himself and doing the things he enjoys most. 

We continue to be amazed by him everyday!