The Cost of Prosthesis

As a result of raising a child dealing with limb loss, we are familiar with the expenses families have to absorb that may not be covered under their respective health insurance plans. These costs include event specific prosthetics, additional OT/PT sessions, enrollment of camps that are designed to encourage self-independence, and more.

While most types of prosthesis may be partially covered by health insurances, a specific type of device will depend on the individual patient’s amputation level, condition and needs. Prosthesis can range widely in price, from $5,000 to $50,000. 

Each prosthetic limb must be custom fit to every patient, and costs can add up. Once fitted with the prosthesis, patients may also need to attend physical therapy for weeks or months. 

Because children are constantly growing, multiple replacement limbs and repairs are necessary. Prosthetic replacements are needed typically every 6-12 months for a child. This means that a child may need around 25 limbs throughout the course of their life. 

They are not a one-time cost.